Shelter a Family

Shelter a family

We have rented houses where we accommodate 35 children that cost $650 altogether a month for the while building so that they can find a place to call home. We have seven rooms in which one is an office,the other one is a store and also there is one which is used as a dining room while others are where the children sleep. One is used by the children below the age of seven while the other is for girls and lastly one for boys. We also have a room that accommodates widows who have been snatched everything by their families. We sometimes find street families that need to be taken off the street for their safety. We presently know of five cases we are seeking help for .At Bandani rates we hope to be able to get just single room rented for shelter to such families at the rate of $65 a month for a period of one year as the families adjust and finds something’s to do to be able to afford its own rent.

As part of our project we are hoping to buy land that we will build our own houses for the accommodation of the children.we, ve gotten land near the rentals that we will for sure buy in the coming days. We are also hoping to build more toilets and bathrooms to ensure that it is safe for the children to use. We want to create a place that the children can feel safer to be in. The land cost $57000.We are hoping to get a sponsor who will help us in building the house that the orphans to stay in. We also need someone who can help us in building a borehole that will enable the children to get sufficient supply of water.