Boost Household Income

Boost Household Income Project

Finally, it is imperative to help households begin an income generating activity for themselves to erase dependence. Different activities, depending on the interests of the family, have been proposed. For these, the organization prefers to group beneficiaries together in some kind of business partnership to enable us monitor progress and flag any problems as management is still an issue. Training of the beneficiaries continues and once one is competent enough to run their own, the organization releases them to start individual businesses if they so wish. This way, other beneficiaries also gain from the project. We presently run the following projects at a small scale level.

a.    Poultry Farming

Poultry farming was initiated in 2018 with the widows in the program. We received training from a volunteer expert in Kisumu and began within our center by building a coop for 50 “kienyeji” (local/indigenous) birds.

The birds have mainly been used for egg production for consumption by the children but we want to expand the project to generate income for the widows. Today, we have some 300 birds. We are seeking support to upscale the project and commercialize it to support our widows.

b.    Tents for Hire

We received a donation from church members and purchased a tent which is being hired out for events such as weddings and funerals at a charge of Ksh2500.00 per day. While this has helped us, we envisage expanding it into a full events business. To do this, we need training of the widows in catering services and the purchase of utensils, seats, tables and decorations. We have already worked in partnership with other organizations to host an event or two and the widows have expressed interest in fully managing their own.

c.    Basketry

This is also done to bring in much needed income to support the basic needs of the orphans and widows and to train interested widows in the art/craft.

d.    Soapstone making

We have a volunteer who is willing to offer apprenticeship training to interested youth, especially street families that are reforming and that wish to learn this craft.

e.    Tailoring

We also have a professional tailor who is ready to train tailors at a concessionary fee of $10 a month and an extra material charge of $5 a month totaling $15 per trainee. We are yet to begin this as we have no donors to support these trainings.