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My name is George Otieno Owino, 34 of age and married of one wife and two handsome sons. Born in a humble family that leaved hand to mouth life. Affording even a single meal a day was a struggle the life was more unbecoming after losing my both parents in a fatal road accident at age of 8. We rendered homeless hence ending on streets of Kisumu, slept on streets and scavenged for food. This was the hardest chapter of My life .fell in the wrong groups in society and survived by a whisky When city council and police pounced on me landing me in an orphanage where life was a beat better than on streets and much better enjoyable in church. This changed my entire life for good that has made who I am today.

My desire has always been to excel in life and bring change to my family both immediate and extended one. As I grew the burning desire to change life of others and make them better has been entrained every day. My desire is to preempt my abilities purpose to this world having brought the best and help others this my ever endearing dream before my light go of.

About Home of Glory Community Based Organization (C.B.O)

Group Photo showing part of management and Children at the orphanage

Home of Glory Alone orphanage east Africa was founded in 2012 as a community-based organization and registered with the Ministry of East Africa Community, Labor and Social protection under the department of social development it was established to ensure that it Implements and sustains programs that improve access to better health, education, and lifesaving services now and for future generations which envisions a nation in which child attains the right to survival, protection, education, development and participation. 

Home of Glory Alone fosters a dignified and protected life for children who have fallen victim to the scourge of destitution, solitude and are at the risk of HIV/AIDS. We aim to bring opportunity and hope to some of the most abused and vulnerable children in Bandani and Kisumu County at large. Home of glory alone  Orphanage is fully registered and incorporated by the National Ngo board under 48599 As its registration number. With the population of  Kenya estimated at 50 million persons and population growth rate of 3.2 percent per annum and more than half below 18 years, the country is immensely affected by overdependence, which stifles development (KBS, 2019). As a result, the wellbeing of such a population is affected through problems of poverty, low resource base that puts significant pressure on the delivery of basic social services, particularly to children; demand for food, healthcare and education services is growing while access to education and healthcare services at the community level remains limited more so in the slum areas where this project seeks to be initiated. Primary school retention remains a challenge for the Government due to high dropout rates. 

Consequently, the transition rate from primary to post-primary and tertiary levels has been low and very few children are now likely to complete primary and continue to higher levels of education. The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Situation Analysis Report, 2009 estimated that nearly half (48%) of all Kenya orphans are a result of HIV/AIDS. Up to 43% of all children (7.3 million) live in a moderately vulnerable situation, while 8 % (1.3 million) live in a critically vulnerable situation. Approximately 14 percent of children in Kenya below 18 years of age are orphans, among those, 20 percent of children 6–17 years are orphans. Even if the fresh HIV infections ceased today, the population already infected constitutes a massive potential for swelling the number of orphans in the country. Kenya communities have traditionally absorbed orphans within the extended family system. One in four households in Kenya foster at least one orphan by providing for health, shelter, nutrition, education and other needs. However, many of these caregivers are overburdened and often lack the socio-economic capacity to provide adequate care and support for these children. Home of glory Alone is seeking to stand in the gap by providing information, psychosocial support, education, accommodation and medical care.